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May 15, · An osteochondroma is a benign tumour of bone, which is located mainly in the metaphysis of long bones. At its upper and outer angle the scapula bears a shallow hollow with which the rounded head of the upper arm bone ( the humerus) articulates. Posterior Elevation ( for left scapula) ( Start at 7: 00, end at 1: 00) 1. De exemplu scapula osteocondrozei. Lateral view of scapula. Learn all about the anatomical features of the scapula with our flashcard images and videos. Also called shoulder blade. 0mm 4 Hole Strength Plate was used to fix the butterfly fragment at lateral border of the scapula to the intact scapular body. Related Flashcards. One hand on inferior angle of scapula other hand on bottom of pt' s elbow 6. The muscles cover most of the superior and posterior surfaces of the scapula. Description Of The Injury: The scapula, also known as the shoulder blade, connects the clavicle bone to the humerus. Aug 23, · Winged scapula is defined as the prominence of the medial border of the scapula. Bring scapula up and resist coming down 7. Explore and learn about the scapula with our 3D interactive anatomy atlas. On the ventral surface of the scapula, it can produce various manifestations due to mass effect. A flat, triangular bone with a prominent, near- horizontal raised spine, lying over the upper ribs of the back. Scap· u· las or scap· u· lae Either of two large, flat, triangular bones forming the back part of the shoulder. Flashcard created by AnatomyZone with 3D app AnatomyLearning. The bone and the surrounding muscles are important in maintaining connection with the humerus bone and act as stabilizers during upper body movements. Scapula The shoulder blade. It moves forwards round the chest when the arm is abducted. Claudio Chillemi. The black Scapular of Our Lady Help of the Sick, ( for the Confraternity founded by St. PNF- Scapular Patterns. It is the most common benign bone tumor in the scapula and can also present as multiple masses in multiple hereditary exostosis. The inferior angle of the scapula is the lowest part of the scapula and is covered by the latissimus dorsi muscle. The scapular ( from Latin scapulae, " shoulders" ) is a Roman Catholic garment suspended from the shoulders. Scapular Fracture.
There are two types of scapular,. Verbal cues to pt " push down in your elbow' ( 5: 00. Fracture at the inferior pole of the scapula.
An epidemiologic analysis of 585 cases diagnosed at the Faculdade de Medicina of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Locate the teres minor muscle ( 698/ N426) attached to the lateral border of the scapula. Flashcards created by AnatomyZone with 3D app AnatomyLearning. Osteochondroma as a cause of scapular winging in an adolescent: a case report and review of the literature. It does not commonly occur in the scapula. Scapulae synonyms, scapulae pronunciation, scapulae translation, English dictionary definition of scapulae. Osteochondroma is a cartilage- covered bony excrescence that arises from the surface of a bone. 7mm 10 Hole Strength Plate was used to fix the scapular neck and glenoid fracture to the intact scapula preventing varus PTA is positioned at pt' s head 2. Pt' s knees and hips are at 90/ 70. Camillus de Lellis) was approved by Pius IX in 1860. Separating it from the infraspinatus muscle is often quite difficult.

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